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Experience high-quality car wash services, hassle-free interior car cleaning, and expert car window tinting all across the UAE. Choose from our diverse range of packages for a worry-free and convenient ride at an affordable price

car wash

Car Wash

Car wash is a necessity for every car owner. And more importantly, it should be hassle-free and fast. For that reason, we have listed a number of companies that provide premium car wash services with microfiber towels, premium quality tools, and at the time and location of your choice. So now you don’t need to waste gas and time by going to a wash station, we will serve you at your door step

Interior Car Cleaning

We offer a full car service that includes exterior and interior Car cleaning. Our trained professionals make sure the whole interior is vacuumed, while dusting, wiping, carpeting, dashboard and window panels are cleaned with special cleaning equipments to give your vehicle that lasting shine.

Interior Car Cleaning
Car Sanitization

Car Sanitization

We understand the importance of your daily ride and hence it becomes the most important point to sanitize your wheels. This includes full sanitization on the interiors, exteriors, AC vents and all the nook and crannies and further disinfection too.

Car Steam Wash

Deep cleaning the car interior with steam is an efficient and effective approach to cleaning the car. Steam cleaning of car interiors leaves a shiny, beautiful, and healthy feel on the carpeting and upholstery of your car’s seats. Steam cleaning gets rid of all kinds of smell, dirt and bacteria without any damage.

Car Steam Wash
Car Detailing Car window tinting

Car Detailing & Polishing

We will keep your car looking as good as new with our extensive exterior and interior car detailing services, including car window tinting. Our technicians are go-to experts on restoring and protecting your car’s finish, from freshening up your interior upholstery, protecting paintwork, and keeping your windows looking clear and stylish

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