"UAE best car wash application"

About Twaddan

Twaddan is the best application that provides On-demand car wash services anytime, anywhere. It eliminates the hustle of washing your cars yourself. With Twaddan you can have access to a fleet of professional drivers who will drive and wash your car at any time you need it. Everything is at your fingertips with nothing more than a few clicks on your mobile phone.

Time Saver

Time is money, Twaddan can help you save more than 10 hours monthly without even visiting car wash stations

User Friendly

A very flexible and user friendly app which can make your car wash hustle FREE


your vehicle is always safe with us, with our professional team we treat your car like a queen 

Any Where

It’s not just anywhere,
it’s any time too. We come
to you whereever you want

How it works

Set Your Location

Select Vehicle Type

Pick Service Provider

Order & Relax